GREEN TOUR is an European project implemented within the framework of Erasmus+ Programme, funded by the Hungarian National Agency. The GREEN TOUR main objective is to transfer an innovative training approach and the respective tools developed by “Nature Tourism as an Empowerment Tool – NATUR” in the field of sustainable and green tourism.

The project, with the development of a training material, is a good motivational factor for training and education of people employed in the tourism sector, towards strengthening the number and quality of local jobs created/supported by tourism – increased demand for tourist services is not always followed by increased number of qualified people. Although qualified professionals in tourism exist, there is a lack of tourism staff with competencies and skills to meet customer demand and labour market needs. The project will increase the knowledge and the quality of the services giving good example and guidance for other tourism sectors. The knowledge-specific education and the promotion of local cooperation are the best ways to increase the ecotourism sector in the countries of European Union.

The GREEN TOUR consortium consists of 5 partners among which there are a foundation, two universities, a consulting company and a VET provider. All of them have expertise related with the tourism sector and relevant experience in developing transnational projects.

The main products of the project implementation are a specialised Blended training course, a Competences Validation Tool, the Project Compendium and other Marketing Products, all of which will be available here free of charge!